Last Minute Lent Fashion Tips

Easter is almost here.  Folks in Northeast America, like myself, also call this “the end of Winter.”  We celebrate the approaching swimsuit season by going on a crash diet called “Lent.”  Lent is believed to be French for “even though I don’t go to church or read the Bible I’m giving up junk food for 40 days.”

Did you know there are fashions designed specifically for Lent?  (Although, some say it’s bad luck to wear certain wardrobe pieces on Fridays… but traditions are meant to be broken, right?)  I tried to organize these accordingly but since I’m in a hurry these are in no apparent order.

1.) Fry-Days

These cheeseburger socks….

Tasteful and tasty.  Lent never looked this good.

Tasteful and tasty. Lent never looked this good.

are appropriate for strolling the mall or the church aisles, preferably in plaid shorts and a polo shirt but that’s just my opinion.  Not too bold, not too boring, these are classy yet whimsical.  (They even have fries on ’em!) Get a pair for the entire family.

2.) Film and Fashion Frenzy

Lent is a great time to watch movies while you’re forcing yourself to starve.  No better movie is Meatballs.  Especially if you like outer-space and comedies.  This 1979 movie rocked, but if you ask me, this blog isn’t a movie review so just click the link to learn more from IMDB.

In the meantime, let’s focus on fashion… I couldn’t find a Meatballs movie t-shirt so instead I just looked up t-shirts about meatballs.  (There is also that cartoon about it being Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.. and a sequel… and that’s another great Lenten entertainment option for the whole family.  Ok, now back to whatever I was saying before.  Oh yeah, t-shirts about meatballs.  It’s simple, yet functional and fun.  Perfect for 40 days of Lent festivities.

Don't be a Lenten loser... get this t-shirt!

Don’t be a Lenten loser… get this t-shirt!

3.) 40 Days of Frills and Fashion

I know it’s tough to decide what to wear in the morning.  Especially during Lent.  And especially if you’re throwing a huge rocking party and want to dress to impress.  Not only is the cheeseburger costume adorable, it’s a crowd pleaser.  Your friends will literally drool with jealousy and envy.  “Hey who’s that cool person loitering by the chips and dip?  Too cool to approach wearing that jazzy ensemble.  I think I’ll just sip my punch and wait for them to approach me.”

The life of the Lenten party!

The life of the Lenten party!

4.) Subtle yet Scrumptious

Imagine yourself, hymnal in hand, at church services wearing these bodacious knee-socks.  Not only will you look Lenten-chic, you’ll remind other churchgoers the true reason for the season is bacon.   These have a shelf life beyond Lent, suitable for poolside sun protection, weddings, and job interviews.

I don't think you understand the power of bacon socks.

I don’t think you understand the power of bacon socks.

5.) Easter Morning Finest

If you’re anything like me, you want to look your best.  And on Easter morning the first thing you’re thinking is, “Damn, I can finally go off my diet. Finally!  I mean, like I can’t believe I survived 40 days of this bull-donkey Lenten crap.  What was I thinking?

And it’s not just us adults that have suffered.  The kids have suffered too.  So teach them early that the real great thing about Easter is the feast and the fashion.  Of course, the fashion.  Get ’em ready the night before in these totally-made-for-the-end-of-Lent pajamas.

These “Bacon Makes Everything Better” pajamas teach children a valuable life lesson about how bacon makes everything better.  Morals are good for kids to have, so I recommend buying them these from the Fun Kidz company.  I’m not paid to endorse this I just think kidz are fun and agree with that idea.  And I love bacon.  I don’t care if that’s “2013” of me to say.  I don’t care if you think I’m behind the times.  Times may change.  But bacon remains delicious.

That’s all I’ve got gals, guys.  Happy Lent to all!  Thanks for reading!

That's all I got guys... happy clothes wearing and happy spring!

That’s all I got guys… happy clothes wearing and happy spring!


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